Monday, June 6, 2016

Greater Cincinnati Pro Chapter is pleased to honor and recognize this year's honorees!

2016 SPJ Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame Inductees

Sheryl Bills, former The Cincinnati Enquirer managing editor and a founding editor of USA Today

Francis Dale (1965-1973), lawyer and publisher of The Cincinnati Enquirer

Ralph Holsinger (1918-2004), managing editor of The Cincinnati Enquirer, who resigned rather than prepare a list of employees to terminate at the recommendation of efficiency experts in the 1960s; author of press law and ethics textbooks while at Indiana University

Allen Howard, longtime writer, editor and board member for The Cincinnati Enquirer

Micheal Keating, retired photojournalist with The Cincinnati Enquirer, Emmy winner and executive director of Clyde N. Day Foundation

Jim Knippenberg (1946-2009), The Cincinnati Enquirer feature columnist

Walt Maher (1929-2011), long-time WCPO-TV newscaster/sportscaster and WKRC sportscaster

Ed Reinke (1951-2011), The Cincinnati Enquirer and Associated Press (AP) photographer, who died while shooting a Kentucky sports event for the AP