Friday, August 22, 2014


About Cincy SPJ
Established in March of 1967, The Greater Cincinnati Society of Professional Journalists celebrates a nearly 50-year rich heritage in Cincinnati.

Although the leadership, membership and activities of the Cincy SPJ have varied throughout the years, its mission has remained the same: to promote and protect a free press and the highest standard of professional ethics, to provide a climate in which journalism can be practiced freely and to unite Cincinnati journalists behind those goals.

The Cincy SPJ executive board provides monthly programs for our members and a monthly newsletter to enrich the way we perform our jobs and relate to the national journalism industry. We also work with community partners in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to host events of interest to our members. Our annual awards competition honors the best of Cincinnati journalism, including inducting new members into the chapter’s Journalism Hall of Fame.

The group of journalists who founded the chapter include our current board member Emil Dansker.

For the past several years, the chapter has waived local dues to open membership to as many Cincinnati-area journalists as possible.

For more information about the chapter or fo find out about joining, contact Cincy SPJ President Tom McKee at Also, visit

About Society of Professional Journalists
Founded in 1909 as Sigma Delta Chi, the Society of Professional Journalists is the nation's largest and most broad-based journalism association, with close to 10,000 members nationwide. The Society is a not-for-profit, voluntary association with a membership of professionals and students engaged in every area of journalism.

For more than 95 years, SPJ has been dedicated to encouraging a climate in which journalism can be practiced freely and fully, stimulating high standards of ethical behavior in the practice of journalism, and perpetuating a free press as the cornerstone of our nation and our liberty.

To ensure that the concept of self-government outlined by the U.S. Constitution remains a reality into future centuries, the American people must be well informed in order to make decisions regarding their lives, and their local and national communities.

It is the role of journalists to provide this information in an accurate, comprehensive, timely and understandable manner.
It is the mission of the Society of Professional Journalists:
• To promote this flow of information.
• To maintain constant vigilance in protection of the First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and of the press.
• To stimulate high standards and ethical behavior in the practice of journalism.
• To foster excellence among journalists.
• To inspire successive generations of talented individuals to become dedicated journalists.
• To encourage diversity in journalism.
• To be the pre-eminent, broad-based membership organization for journalists.
• To encourage a climate in which journalism can be practiced freely.

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