Tuesday, October 4, 2016

UC Lunch with the Pros features "Accused" Podcast

By Huy Nguyen, UC SPJ Treasurer

Award-winning journalists from the Cincinnati Enquirer, Amber Hunt and Amanda Rossmann, visited the University of Cincinnati’s main campus on Sept. 28 to talk to journalism students about a serial podcast they created from their in-depth investigation into an unsolved 37-year-old murder case.

The event was organized by the UC student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati Pro Chapter of the SPJ.

Hunt and Rossmann said that the story about the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Andes, which was originally planned as a Sunday piece in the Enquirer, quickly evolved into a much bigger pursuit than they thought, leading to the year-long development of “Accused,” a multi-episode podcast that aired in September.

Along the way, Hunt and Rossmann experienced a number of challenges in their investigation, including a technical learning curve for print journalists creating a podcast series; a need to master in-depth forensic interviewing techniques; and even sexist assumptions from sources who didn’t take them seriously as female journalists pursuing a major investigative story.

Following a Q &A session with students about the creation of their year-long project, Hunt and Rossmann assured attendees that the project and investigation was not over, as they continue to follow the story in pursuit of the truth.

To read more about the story or the podcast, click here: http://www.cincinnati.com/series/accused/